Ok after long debates and concerns about the stability of OR I decided tonight to simply give it a try. I'm very much impressed! The cameras made for some beautiful recordings and I was running over 200 fps on Cajun Pass 4.2 maxed out using high quality SLI models (running as low as 40 fps and high as 80 fps previously).

I think I really was just one click from Heaven as they say on the site.

I guess what finally pushed me over the edge was I'm wanting to do realistic op sessions in multiplayer but I can not stand Trainz, RW, RS and the like. They have things to offer but I love my 11 year old game. The group I was interested in joining said they would be doing a switch over to OR in April if all went as planned. I tried it out to make sure I was comfortable with the transition and now I'm wondering why I never did it in the first place. Now to think I'll be seeing other online player's trains in the near future using ole Betsy makes me giddy.

Well done OR team, you guys knocked this outta the ball park, and I really don't know what took me so long.