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    Hi guys, I just recently purchased ZDSimulator and I really like it, I have a few questions.
    1. How do you start a scenario or does it automatically load one?
    2. Do you pass other trains, because I have been playing it for awhile and I have never passed another train?
    3. How do you switch to an external view?
    4. How does the multi-player option function?
    5. Finally, where can I find some addons for this game?


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    I can help a little...

    1. When you enter what I call the launcher interface, no scenario is selected at all. So, you pick a locomotive, a consist, then a route and finally a scenario with the pull-down menus. If you have " <No> " in the Scenario pulldown, you may have no traffic at all, or random traffic that runs in no particularly logical fashion. Each route has at least three default "automatic" scenarios -- "Slow", "Fast", and "High-speed" which will generate traffic and therefore signalling patterns for any consist you select. The name indicates the priority of your train. You may also see other names, all ending in ".sc1" which indicate other specific scenario files. These will automatically select a pre-configured consist, including a locomotive. (If you go to \ZDSimulator\routes\<routename>\scenaries you can view the contents of the .sc1 files in Notepad to get an idea of what each does.)
    2. As long as you're running a scenario, you'll see traffic and have signals to respond to. You'll have oncoming traffic, and the approaching locomotive will sound its whistle as it passes.
    3. To go to a head-out view, hold the right-arrow to slide the view out the window of the locomotive. If you keep holding the arrow down, the view will snap to looking back along the train. You can use the mouse-view (hold right mouse button and drag) to change the view in any direction. Hold down the left-arrow to slide back into the cab. The left-hand side of the cab view works the same way; left-arrow will slide your view out the window and use right-arrow to go back in. At any time, clicking the left mouse button will snap you back behind the controls in the right-hand seat. You can also get an outside camera view by tapping the "/" on the numeric keypad. Tap the same key again to toggle back to the cab view.
    4. Internet multiplayer isn't available outside of Ukraine/Russian Federation networks, if I recall correctly from an note in documentation or on a forum post. There may be some local network capability, but I only have one computer/one license to run so I've never played with it.
    5. The English-language website used to have a list of downloadable routes and repaints of equipment, but it hasn't since it was rebuilt last year. You can still find them on but you'll probably need to use a translator service like Google or Bing translate.

    Stay in "Beginner" mode until you get very familiar with the inner workings of the locomotives. In "Professional" mode, the locomotives are not only "cold" at startup, but effectively "tied down" with various breakers and pneumatic valves in their shutoff positions. You'll have to go through both cabs and the equipment cabinets to put everything in order before you can even begin with closing the main breakers and pumping up the air! There are some references on the Russian-language site, if you're feeling linguistically adventurous!


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    Your explanation is correct, but the extension .sc1 is only for the forward direction. Scenarios to the backward direction of the route are extension .sc2.

    As you're new to the simulator, I recommend only driving with the scenarios. The simulator have been improved a lot lately and now the scenarios even include sounds with the newer developed scenarios. (Older do not have the sounds). Also it's more fun to drive with scenario as you meet all sorts of kind of traffic that whistle at you instead of the old boring ER2 you meet on the "passenger", "fast", and "high speed" modes. Scenarios are available to download here: and here:

    As for finding addons, visit and check for yourself. However not all the addons are posted there and I in fact got most of my things from the forums digging around in the threats. It's funny how much is not posted on the addon sections including high quality routes. If anything is needed or a list of available things are needed I can write. Another place to get high quality repaints and modifications for your locomotives is here:

    Google translate is rubbish and not enough to actually find out everything. But if you do not speak Russian and not willing to learn I guess you can use it. Some words that you need for digging around are: Download: Скачать, Link: Ссылка, Train: Поезд,
    Route: Маршрут, Scenario: Сценарии, Repainting: Перекраски, Forward: Туда, Backward: Обратно.

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