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Thread: Any US equipment/routes planned?

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    Default Any US equipment/routes planned?

    Are you guys planning on making any US content for this sim?

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    I will leave the official answer to the developers, but I would guess that that's not in any current plans, not yet. Once the sim and its tools are fully localized in English, it might be possible for individuals to expand in that direction, but we will have to wait and see. For now, I'm very impressed with what it can do as-is. And I have a curiosity for railways around the world, anyhow.


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    Hello Railfan727,

    As EricF pointed out, we currently don't have any plans for it. It would definitely be awesome to have some US and maybe EU content, but unfortunately we do not possess required resources to expand, mostly time is the issue. We yet have to release an update with localization improvements and content editors in English, but March proved to be busy for us in our collaboration with railroad organizations such as Ukrzaliznytsia, we are now overseeing the assembly and setup of train driver training simulator equipment (real cabin with controls and ZDSimulator as software) of multiple units. So even if we planned something like this it would take a lot of time to accomplish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kernell View Post
    ..... We yet have to release an update with localization improvements and content editors in English, ..
    I agree with Eric; ZDSim in English and with editors for same will be worth the wait.
    The realism of this simulation is most enjoyable even now.

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    US routes are possible to make, there exists route editor in english where you can import models from 3DS Max, simple to use:

    This basically means, any route can be constructed from the world. More easily to make European routes.

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