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Thread: My pleasant experience with customer care

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    Default My pleasant experience with customer care

    I am new to this section of TS. I purchased Run 8 as an occassional diversion from MSTS. I saw there is aloy of negativity toward Run 8 concerning banned IP's. Well, when I tried to register for the forum I got the message that my IP was permenently banned. I found this surprising as I never belonged in the first place. A respected member here PM'ed me that their site has been spammed a few times in the past and my IP might be blocked because of that. Below is what happened in about 18 hours.

    I contacted Customer Care and gave them my registration number and why I thought my IP was banned. Within the hour I received an email from Mr. James Phillips. He said he would look into it. Quite frankly I thought that was the last I would hear from them. I received another email from him about 12 hours later. I went back to the site and my IP ban had been lifted. I then proceeded to fill out the registration form. I then came across a dreaded "confirmation code" box. I'm in my 70's and my eyesight is not what it used to be. I emailed Mr. Phillips as to my problem and he adjusted the box for better vision. It didn't help, I still couldnot make out the codes. So I contacted Mr. Phillips again. This time the odes were a little better. After exceeding the number of attempts twice I finally got one right. I am only awaiting approval now.

    Mr. Phillips I publically thank you for what you have done for me, I greatly appreciate your staying with the problem until it was resolved.


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    As long as you keep saying nice things about their customer service, or remain quiet things will go very well for you I'm sure. In that respect treating others as you expect to be treated works very well. Then there are a bunch who are very critical of anything run8 and I don't blame them for not wanting them around.

    The majority of negativity you see on these boards is justified and it takes some time to justify that response. The term I often hear is "bad taste in my mouth" as I've experienced that after many others have felt the same way in those exact terms. I've been as happy as you (just like others have) once upon a time, so I can relate to those that have no issue, and those that have had one. Though I'm a firm believer of treating others as you would want to be treated yourself. You will find that this company gives very high level support on the forums to those that fall into the safe category. But if you don't follow the rules and especially the unwritten rules you will fall out of their grace very quickly.

    I like to refer to it as a bubble. You are in a bubble where you've not been wronged. But over the course of time people get pushed out of that bubble not because they broke their rules, but because they stir up questions or concerns in their opinion a bad image of the product. Compliance with not only their rules, but what they deem as critical behavior may give you a warning (if your lucky). But then 1 day all of a sudden you have no access and often your not sure exactly what the reason is as you get no email, or nothing your simply gone.

    Run8 IMHO is the best simulator on the planet. The latest update dealt with a few issues and looks very nice. There are already enough threads on here about censorship and other image protecting measures. But as big as that bubble gets if it doesn't start embracing those that may agree to disagree it's going to either be limited to how far it can expand or it's going to burst. Since there is currently no competition for what I want I'll personally continue to only use Run8.

    Personally I feel I'm an enigma because I've done nothing but support this program, despite being critical on some issues. Others however are quite happy to use other programs. Anyways I've said enough, hope all goes well for you in your Run8 journey. It's a great program that has plenty of potential.



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    You said it.

    Also, nobody is safe. Sean and Scott have both supported Run 8 from the very beginning. 3DTS doesn't care though.

    Tread lightly.

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