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Thread: Multi Loco Activities

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    Default Multi Loco Activities

    Hello to MSTS enthusiasts!

    My first post.

    I am new to the V Scale hobby after many years of HO Scale model railroading. I just couldn't afford it anymore. V Scale is much more affordable but very taxing on the brain. I have been exploring the simulator for the past three weeks or so and am thoroughly enjoying the experience.

    I have new questions daily but can usually find the answer with some research. The question today is on consists and activities. The default activities frequently use more than one loco, however, the locos of the same type all have the same number. I assume it would require more locos, new consists and edits of the activity files to solve this? Would I be better to just live with this and avoid using the defaults. I have downloaded some new routes and have installed the SLI BNSF looks great.

    Thanks for your help.

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    There are hundreds upon hundreds of downloads available that will give you a huge variety of locos...all with different numbers.

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    Kind of like the old Athearn days, eh?

    Explore Routriter, it allows you to shuffle stuff in and out of consists fairly easily.


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    Its nice to have new members of the community over 10 years after the game launched. On this website there are many locos that are repaints of the SLI scenic sub locos. Most of my GEVOs are variants of the SLI Scenic version with different paint. Now to find an ES44 with LRSC paint to finish my fleet! I would highly recommend downloading the Lasalle, Rockford, and Central route in the files section. There was a recently updated version that is fully standalone. Search to find it. But this version does not come with LRSC rolling stock. the stock is in one of the older version's downloads. I would HIGHLY Recommend this route!!

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    To add, Mike Sinclair (If I recall correctly) put out a tutorial on how to use the activity editor - should be in the files library.
    Check the newbie thread on the main MSTS Forum page too. Lots of info about utilities and websites detrimental to learning and successful MSTS use
    Get familiar with these goodies, and you will find your self altering pretty much everything default about MSTS.

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qballbandit View Post
    To add, Mike Sinclair (If I recall correctly) put out a tutorial on how to use the activity editor - should be in the files library.
    It is here:

    O t t o

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