I started cleaning up the RTS Matrix (used for generating waybill calls) and it is now online and can be viewed at the following link.


Now the matrix has been around for years and is the foundation of the RTS system. It was originally the car forwarding system before the RTS beta program was released. Earlier this year I got the idea from Ralph's 24/7 server that it was an effective means of communication and data sharing. The added benefit for RTS is it allows others running the system to act as yardmasters to create and assign trains, as well as tagging of cars.

I will be modifying this in the next hour to include a status tab as well so that people know what is going on the server before joining. Like what Ralph has done with his server I will be adding it into the TeamSpeak as well. Those who I know using the RTS system will also be given EDITOR status. I'm hoping this isn't too resource intensive during sessions, as I've found in the past that having Google Chrome open often causes graphical issues in the simulator for me. That being said I'm going to avoid using e-mail or other websites open and deal directly with this. Now I'm not planning any 24/7 any time soon so editing is not critical by all users. However if you feel you can benefit from being an editor in sessions, by all means send me a private message.