Well I'm in the middle of what is a very quiet session (perhaps due to lack of advertising, oh well). Scott and others have been running with me today and we have been having a great time.

I wanted to say that the improvements in the latest version are very impressive! I love the new display that shows throttle speed etc. when your on the ground switching. Wouldn't mind seeing a B come up for Bell as I often forget to turn it off when I give two toots heading backwards at the other end of the yard. Really that is very minor in what is a great addition.

The other is the recently mentioned train spawner. I'm hoping to use it this weekend as it's nice to be able to build your own consists and though it's a bit flimsy to get to work, with patience it will save me tons of time in my system.

Finally something I haven't used yet, but has given me peace of mind is a backup file. There is a file in place called lastcoupleuncouple which I imagine would restore a train if it managed to explode. Saves me from backing up all the time.