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Thread: Multiplayer site needs more members

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    Default Multiplayer site needs more members

    I have a multiplayer website and am looking to expand my members. If you'd like to check it out the link is Newcomers are more than welcome, anyone will be willing to help ya if ya need it. I am looking for more people to join in my sessions. Hope to see ya'll in a session.

    Chris Yandell

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    You know I find it kind of funny how it was mentioned a few time here that people thrown off the island don't have a chance to participate in MP sessions. I suppose many people feel if they can't get a realistic number of players in the session (or in the case of some busier than realistic) then it's not worth their time.

    About a week ago I sent a blast out to my RTS members that I was not going to be announcing sessions any longer as I wanted to join forces with people in similar situations like myself. So tonight the first RTS sessions was held out of my server and it went pretty good. Yeah the numbers were small, but I like to keep my mind on the positive.

    It's only going to be as big as people want it to be. As I see more sessions coming into being and possibly more joining the network making announcements on a forum is kind of pointless. We always have room for more people, but personally I'm not into twisting people's arms. If you want it, come and get it. If you don't, I'm sure you have your reasons.

    The list of trains is updated by whoever is running the server (like Chris tonight) and the next session is posted immediately after the session ends. I also post all session intentions on the Run8Network. The RTS website is simply a portal now. Chris and others can copy the custom HTML into their websites and get instant data on both the matrix and network for the latest.

    Thanks Chris for taking a big step tonight. Hope others will take the next big step.


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