Well so much for my long winded reply. If anything I'm addicted to thought of what Run8 could be. But I'll let you in on a little secret. When I was seemingly headed for a trucking career that stopped in it's tracks this spring I was in position to take a big risk. An investment of somewhere between 10K to 20K. I've already stated what I think the AI should be, but I've also designed an automated dispatcher. Most people think of AI in terms of being both AI dispatching and running. The server in Run8's infancy would be multi-dimensional. It's revenue would come in the form of a small marginal fee.

I only mention this in public, because I don't have the potential for that partnership any longer. Basically without partnership the task of making this real via my hands is very difficult (but I haven't given up just yet). Guests could log in and see the status of ALL servers connected to it. They could even go into worlds and foam if they so desired. Paid members however could create their own worlds with a premium. This in turn would result in the purchase or use of another paid copy of Run8 and whatever updates they wanted. It may be cheaper with the server edition in planning stage but I could have expedited it with both my programming ability and contracting others as part of the investment. They can set their own rules as far as what members had access to what. In other words if they were not permitted to switch but only run through traffic that parameter could be set. If they were a qualified dispatcher they could take over from the AI.

With the advent of Needles servers could also be connected and easily transfer, communications, and spawn. All a user would have to do is stop at a designated crew change. Then either he, AI, or another player could recrew. Simply exiting and entering the new server address as it's own node would connect. The crew change would last about a few minutes just like real life and they would be on their way. This is what I envisioned RTS to become all along. I could of easily been working on this today because what that would of done is bring in anyone who wanted that interaction be it AI in dispatching, running of trains, combination of both. Every world could be full of traffic defined by the tenant and running a car forwarding system either using the RTS or their own settings. Their rules, procedures, would all be part of the server's various website pages.

Would I pay to have a server host my sessions for me absolutely, or even just coming in as a user. Nobody would be restricted to their own PC to host and all of the status and availability would be dynamically updated for the world to see. Simply put I got the money and I got the time. There are no jobs in this area. The best business is your passion.

But going full circle to the subject at hand. If someone takes the ball and runs with it, so be it.