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Thread: Trs 2009 "Don't Understand"

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    In trainz simulator 2009 i was wondering how do i add passengers to the platform without "Station Basic". Also how do i get them on the train When the train stops at the platform. idk if this is the right place 2 ask for help , but yes help needed thanks.

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    Ask here maybe, there aren't quite as many members at this forum and I'm not quite sure what you mean.

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    To set parameters for the station, select the ? icon in the pull out tab, left click the item and populate the fields as desired. You will also need to connect a track spline to either end of the station piece so it is included in the network database and trains will see it.

    Note this is as it says a very "basic" station and you will need to find a suitable platform spline to set at the correct height relative to the passengers once you get them to appear!

    The official N3V (Auran) forum is currently dominated by issues surrounding the SP1 patch for TS12, so it's always worth asking here too as there are one or two regulars who may be able to help.

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