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Thread: Budd SPV-2000 RDC Cars

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    Default Budd SPV-2000 RDC Cars

    Just a question, did anyone ever think of making any of these cars? I'm trying to learn how to use Gmax and Google sketchup but it'll take time. If anyone has experience with this and is still active in MSTS production it would be nice to see these cars out there.

    SPV-2000 Side views.jpg
    SPV-2000 interior.jpg
    SPV-2000 cab 2.jpg
    SPV-2000 Cab.jpg

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    I don't recall seeing them. Seems to me it would be easier to create a freight animation for an AmFleet shape than it would be to create an all-new shapefile, especially if you want to use Sketchup.

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    Thank you for the reply. That sounds like I plan, like I said I'm very new at modeling for MSTS just learning. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    One other suggestion is to add an engine file from one of the regular Budd RDC and modify it somehow to make it driveable. I'm sure the specs might be a little different at some point. Might have to create a special cabview for it also.
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    I only hope your version works better than the prototype!

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    What were some of the problems with the real car?


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    I dug this up from a blog called Amtrak SPV2000

    "The SPV was overdesigned by automotive engineers, not railroad engineers and all sub systems like cooling were under designed and depended on the APU for everything.
    once the APU shut down the car came to a stop.
    The main engines had to many electronic gadgets and not enough capacity to puss cooling water.
    The cooling water overflow only had a 1 1/2 gallon capacity for spare anti-freeze.
    Meanwhile a RDC could run 80% of year with just water as coolant."

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    Other issues I have heard mentioned:
    Amtrak's SPV2000's were designed to both operate on their own and to join Northeast Corridor passenger trains and connect the 480 volt power lines. This complicated electrical designs.
    Metro North's union contract allowed operation of RDC's without a fireman, but the SPV2000 was too heavy or too something. To get around this they disconnected one engine or one something and thus fatally compromised.

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