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Thread: MSTS Indian Rail V2 passenger view issue

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    Default MSTS Indian Rail V2 passenger view issue

    I have managed to run the root and its activities.

    But When i hit passenger view, cab passenger view comes. I want to see coach / car passenger view.

    How to change the view ?

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    Ia ora na.
    1) Of course, you can see a car passenger view only if it exists in the .wag file;
    2) if it exists and if the Bin patch is installed, open the [F9] window, click on the car and hit [5];
    3) if it exists but without Bin, the only solution would be to delete the engine passenger view, since MSTS chooses always the first passenger view he finds, from the front to the rear of the consist.
    Using Bin is better to get that.
    NB- this behavior is not related to a route, but only to the rolling stock, .
    Good luck and good travels with MSTS.
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