This kind of crossed my mind for a minute while I was going through updating my switch lists for tonight's session. There was an idea out and about that I first seen being used by Ralph's 24/7 server. In fact I monitor it quite a bit just to see what they are up to and progressing etc. That are spreadsheets that are available in Google Docs. RTS actually was using an Open Office spreadsheet for years even before Run8. But I never knew of a way to make it public until I seen this in action. I went one step further and took what I call the Mojave Matrix (the heart of the RTS system) and made it able to view right from my website by anyone without access or passwords.

I know there has been mention of how each train is made from scratch on this server (I believe you mentioned it Kent). Now I don't go as far as making every train by scratch but I encourage others if they want to spawn a custom train provided it's less than 8000 feet to go ahead and do so. Scott for example is spawning such a train tonight.

The reason why I mention this is there has been a bit of confusion as to what RTS is all about for some time. I have even become more confused because I seem to be getting daily downloads of my software known as the RTS beta (which I'm going to be developing further very shortly as I've announced). My confusion is for as many downloads I haven't seen it used anywhere, nor do I have any feedback from it. That being said unless I know what people want, feel, or expect I can only go by what I need otherwise. The Beta fills my needs, and really is not that user friendly. But I have videos on youtube, and will answer any questions.

But to clarify what RTS does now. Switch lists are generated for all industries from BNSF Jct at Mojave north into Bakersfield that are in operation. I've seen some more simplistic operations elsewhere that I really don't know what is behind it. I suppose being simple is more understanding to a wider audience. But since the latest version the trains in particular that I generate from scratch are WCBK BARBAK and YRBK. These 3 trains are what feeds the demands of everything in Bakersfield and Mojave either in loads or empties if required. So essentially it's based on customer demand generated through the RTS program. It makes it fast for me to turn over and generate new switch lists between sessions. It's not built for user friendliness as stated, but if enough feedback was shown I may consider helping this.

As I've said AI is now off my table as it's beyond my capabilities. My goals now are not so much to make it more user friendly, but more prototypical from a YM point of view. In the process it may become more user friendly but that is not the goal. By all means I'm open to answer any questions, but it drives my passion for this program and Run8 in general. I believe one day AI will be part of Run8 or so I hope, but until then I'll simply continue to do what I'm good at.