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Thread: Session announcement 4/25

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    Default Session announcement 4/25

    4/27 Brunch Bunch session...details below
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    By request, I will put up a Brunch Bunch session Saturday morning, probably mid-morning, ET. Watch here for IP's.

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    Anyone interested in today's Brunch Bunch session, the Server IP is and TS is

    Probably starting around 10 AM ET.

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    I probably won't make it this weekend between my taxes and a few sessions I'm hosting. Will try and make it again some time.



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    Session ended after about 7 hours, with 5-7 trains, including a couple of local switchers, for most of the afternoon. Thanks to those who stuck it out thru the early crash issues until we got it stabilized.

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    Let me know when your next session is. I've never played online and have no Teamspeak. Not really worth it considering I don't want to hear people talk for 7 hours. Just type what you want me to do.

    I'd really like to practice before joining a session. I've still yet to learn the controlling of DPUs. The documentation sucks and I've just found it easier to play other games. Steam sales have just added the amount of games I need to start playing. They were so cheap, I couldn't help myself!

    But I do want to learn it though. I've only run a few DPU-less trains up the pass. Otherwise I'm still a noob for the most part. I've got a RailDriver and want to put it to more use then just Railworks. I've yet to use it in Trainz.
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