3 sessions for this weekend starting tonight at 8pm EDT. This is in addition to the normal Wednesday and Sunday sessions that I run on a regular basis. This is one of those weekends that I don't have my son or a club to go to, so come take a look.

As prototypical or as free as your heart desires is available. There is a system for those that want to switch, with switch lists and wheeler information available on line to the public. However I also encourage you to spawn your own trains (provided they are under 8000 feet with adequate power). If your not into switching by a switch list, anything on BNSF south of Mojave is yours to do as you wish including Barstow.

Traffic is relatively low, however it means more time for personal attention. I also provide traffic sources to keep your journey as busy as possible. Recrews are positioned so that I can give you the feel of a busy server without the chaos.

All information is available at me website. IP, Trains and server status (times) available in the network section. Updated every 15 minutes during a session. No password or memberships required to join.

Any experience level is welcome. I will personally answer any questions and help you out where and when you need it. Other regulars are online and will do the same.