OK I believe I mentioned this before on the forum, but from a programming perspective even my experience could get this done.

For those of you unaware, lastcoupleuncouple is a feature that addresses the physics explosion issue when dealing with switching. It basically allows you to spawn the train back in where it last coupled or uncoupled (hence the name). I think it's a huge step forward to at least getting a solution. But there is one tiny thing that I asked a while back ago that would go even further. In fact I asked 2 things. The first was simply to get the autosave to work when the host is on. Why it works fine in single player and not in a network has never been explained. But the second thing I asked was if I was to make my own backups, please allow me to spawn with the tags intact. It already does this with the engines. I take it is because in theory it's thought of as a new train which would make sense. But the coding is already present to do this for engines, so making it for car tags should not be any major time or inconvenience. Besides there are no trains that I'm aware of that have data tags already in them from default sets.

When you spawn a train into the world, it comes from a train file. I'm very familiar with these files, because RTS uses them in computing switch lists. These files not only will contain the location where to spawn, the load status, but more importantly THE DESTINATION TAGS. So if lastcoupleuncouple is indeed a work around for this issue, then it's pretty easy to assume that it should also contain the destination tags.

It's very frustrating switching a yard and losing everything. Lastcoupleuncouple at the very least brings the cars back. Now the frustrating part is entering all the tags back in manually. Considering if you look at the file it indeed saves the tags in it. This would be a huge time saver, and shouldn't take much effort.

I know us prototypical folks are not the bread and butter, but considering no program does what Run8 does it would be nice to see this simple thing get added. After that I can deal with a physics bug no problem.