Hey Guys

I actually had some down time tonight after getting my taxes filed. What I thought was going to be a few hours turned into 8. But after 28 pages, I finished the RTS Comprehensive Guide. It is now available on the RTS website by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

This goes into some major details and probably answers any question you may have regarding to RTS. I clarify any of the myths, with the facts. Everything from simply running a train from a to b, to running an entire yard. What goes on behind the scenes, and how to make sense of any paperwork the system produces. It is all in this report with plenty of images and descriptions. This is the must have for anyone who ever wanted to be part of an RTS session.

Even if you have been part of an RTS session, this brings you up to speed with the latest innovations taking place on my sessions, and the matrix and software that goes with it. I even go into the history a bit, and thank people you may not expect but couldn't of done it without them.

Check it out at the bottom of my website with the new download button installed. Again thanks all for your continued support.