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Thread: Trainz Premium Routes

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftldave View Post
    Too bad Summer Getaway is on that awful site. It's forcing membership in social media, only way to download the file. I'll have to pass it on, though it looks very beautiful.
    I have an accout made with gmail. No social media involved. The download works very well, tested it today (i received the links from the author of the route so i had to download thee files) and i downloaded all files in the same time in less than 30 minutes.
    Anyway, now there are 2 mirrors, you can download also from
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    These routes really look good,but it says not tested on trainz 2012,does anone know if they will work on trainz 2012(especially Bucaresti nord and some earlier ones like megaroute on that site?

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    Available freeware only on TrainzPremiumRoutes website

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    New freeware route @ TrainzPremiumRoutes

    Visit for the best Trainz content !

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    M300 Bucuresti Nord - Brasov now also available for TS12 and TS2010 native mode !

    Check for more details


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    M300 Bucuresti Nord - Brasov @ TS12 build 61388 100% compatible


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    Thanks for the updated version

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