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Thread: Attention India Routes and Download Issues.

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    Default Attention India Routes and Download Issues.

    It has come to our attention that a quite of people from India and other countries are coming here for a quick fixes to get their routes, rolling stocks, locomotives, or activities going. We don't discriminate and don't mind helping a little bit but you are asking too much without doing any research yourself. There is no easy way out here at the forum. There are a lot of stickies topics in MicroSoft Train Simulator and MSTS Route Questions. We feel that you should take the time and read some of these topics. They are there for you for self-help. If it's Rolling Stock or Loco issues should be address in MSTS board, Route issues should go into Route Questions, and Activities issues should go into Activity Design board. I'm tired of moving your questions or statements because you post it in the wrong place. There are a lot of utilities both freeware and some payware like Route-Riter great for checking routes and rolling stocks for activities and missing items, Conbuilder or convoi is great for checking errors messages in stocks and consists. Shape Viewer great for checking your repaints and such. These are some of the items to name a few. You should take the time and read them. And also, please do read the Readme text that comes with your downloaded items. Most of us were in your shoes 12 years ago and We had to learn the hard way, too. Please read them and if you still cannot understand or fix the issues with the topic help, then ask us. Also, please do not dig up old threads that are 6 months or older. Some of you are digging up topics from 5 or 10 years ago. Those people are no longer around and already moved on to something else. Bumping up old threads. If anyone wants to add to this, please feel free and no insulting anyone. Do not post anything about India route or any issues here. It will either be deleted or moved. Start a new topic for that in the proper place. Thank you. The Moderators.

    Also, here is where you can search for your stuff in the file library in this picture below;

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