Hello All,
With Run8 joining the real world & allowing the community free access/links to various forums
How's about TrainSim.com create a new beginning & or rebirth of Run8 forums.
Do a complete overhaul, wipe the slate clean perhaps simple categories such as

Session Announcements = When & Where (Only Active.Upcoming Session Announcements Here) (To be cleared after Date/Time have come to pass) Perhaps to take the work off the moderator allow the original poster the ability to remove his or her announcement
Session Announcements Sub = Permanent Name of Host, IPs, Passwords Etc.(be really great in covering those that host on a regular basis such as DAMS, RTS, & Others)
General Discussions =All things Run8 in general
Community Fix-Its = Both Official, &, Community Driven Support
Ideas = Suggestions / For The Future Of The Sim
Rants = Bashing & Venting (surely no personal attacks) A place to let off steam

If not wanting to lose what's already within TrainSim.com
perhaps an Archive = All Things Old / Threads, Posts (move everything that's already at TS in here)
I myself don't see the need for the archive if we start completely anew.
Giving both Run8 & TrainSim.com a new slate to work with & the Community a Rebirth. (The Past be just that The Past)

Session Announcements: I would like to suggest a sub category like I have above to keep Just Host Name, IPs for Sites/Sessions, TeamSpeak & Passwords (if Needed) on record at all times for anyone wishing to Find & then add them to Run8 Shift+F1 Client Tab
By doing so all would know could still find needed IPs etc. whiles sessions having come & gone could be cleared say from the main category within a days time being no longer in effect. Other words only Upcoming & Current Session Announcement would remain in the main category, whiles IPs, important info could still be found without all the old announcements still attached.

Anyways give it some thought as to A New Beginning For All Concerns