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Thread: Please Don't Add This To The Simulation.

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    Default Please Don't Add This To The Simulation.

    Early today I was driving down Memorial Avenue in West Springfield, Massachusetts, when I saw a train on a little spur that comes from the main yard and crosses the road. I knew where that was going so I scooted over to the new small terminal they built at the power station when it was converted from oil to gas.

    Sure enough, CSX was delivering tank cars of liquefied natural gas and removing 6 empties. Not a lot of cars, but I was able to get up close and walked a little way with the brakeman while he removed the derailer and later replaced it. It was a nice morning and this made it even better.

    I asked him if he was into computers and his reply was “a little”. I asked if he had tried Run8. He said he hadn’t but had heard about the simulation from the other fellows. I told him that I was curious how they felt about it. He said that the only thing it was missing is the aggravation of all the regulations and procedures.

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    Also it's missing the countless hours you spent waiting for a new crew to show up, to get a form D, waiting for a meet while sitting in the hole. There is still a lot of things missing to make it pretty darn realistic.

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    hey we are working on the virtual pee cups, hit squads, and banner tests

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