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    Default Route Editor Errors

    Hello once again everyone. I am trying to build my own route for MSTS, but I get the following errors for failing to open many texture files in the route when trying to place track, such as the texture "Concrete4", "subflgt" and other tetures. Can anyone tell me what my troubles with this are? Thanks, Sincerely, 123mattyshoes (aka Matthew)

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    Your route must have A) these shapes and their textures in it's Routes folders and B) they must be listed in it's *.REF file.

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    I just went through the same thing,I did a clean install of MSTS with only default routes and now RE works fine.If you have more than the default routes and have been using msts for a while the reference files get messed up,everything else will work except the route editor.Sometimes Routeriter can sort out the ref files.But for me I did a clean new install with only default routes and will use this install to work on my route with RE.(I have many other routes on separate MSTS installs)This may be your problem if,as Otto suggested you have in fact installed all the objects and the RE still won't work,especially if none of the routes work in the editor.Good luck.

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    Actually, there's no need for items to be listed in the ref file unless you're planning on placing them into a route... Once they're placed, they don't need to remain. If you have shapes listed in the ref, you'll want to make sure you have the shapes in SHAPES and textures in TEXTURES....

    If you're having trouble with track, these aren't listed ever in the ref file aside from dynamic track.

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    Thanks for the advice smiljacc18! You and everyone else who are trying to help me ROCK! I will do a clean install of MSTS and get back to you. Sound okay?

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