Name of Route: Stockholm Route 3.0

Version and Release Date: 3.0, May 12th 2013

Description: A very detailed route, covering some of the busiest railway lines in Sweden. It has everything from quadruple track mainline action to single-track lines in the countryside.

Installation Method: ZIP file, install manually.

Size of Download: 240 Mb

Size of Installed Route: 750 Mb

Prototypical or Freelance Operations; Mainline, Branch, Switching:

Freight or Passenger: Both

Era or Genre: Modern, 1995-2017

Location: Mid-east Sweden

Length of Mainline: Just over 250 kilometers

Length of Branches: None

Number of Branches: None

Number of Sidings: Many

Number of Yards: 3 major yards, 5 smaller

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: About 50/50, also long sections of quadruple track. At most six tracks immediately north of Stockholm Central station.

Level of Trackside Detail: High to very high

Percentage of Scenery Completed: 100%

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: 40 FPS in the countryside, down to about 20 in the city. Win7 64 BIT, 16Gb RAM, I7 CPU 3.2 GHz, GTX670 GPU.

Activities Provided: None

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: None

Add-In Track Sets: Xtracks, Newroads

Xtracks Required, Version: 3.2 or later

Newroads Required, Version: 4.0 or later

Tsection.dat Build: 38 or later

Payware or Freeware: Freeware, limited redistribution

URL for More Information and Screenshots:

Known Problems: Objects disappearing due to high detail level.

Where it can be downloaded: library,

Extra information: Very detailed route. Objects may disappear due to MSTS's ageing engine. MSTSBin is required, ORTS might be a good choice.

Designer's e-mail for more info: bjorn.lillpers(at)