Funny thing is MSTS never had the a couple lines I was looking for: Fostoria, Ohio and Niagara (Not talking the corridor as that has nothing to do with Niagara, but the area just east of Hamilton to the US border is my home). MSTS despite it's popularity it's major draw back was the editor. Where I know others like Trainz where much more user friendly.

Now I did notice Fostoria did become available in Trainz, and I think Niagara may even be in it. But for me I personally did not like Trainz and shelved it and went back to MSTS at the time.

The reason I mention that is there is a development kit that is due out by the end of the summer.

But I also mention this in terms of an investor. I have lots of money right now but no income streams other than investments. For a while I was trying to figure out a way to add my AI dispatcher and AI engineer designs into Run8 via RTS.

With the job market as bleak as it is, and my career simply vanished I'm waiting eagerly for 2 things to get released. Needles and Amtrak add on. But I'm also almost as eager to see A Line, and I'm especially interested in the kit.

Bottom line is I have lots of ideas and am prepared to invest some serious cash into Run8. The recent direction they took with their forums only strengthened my interest in this.

Not sure how user friendly the kit is going to be. Now I'm sure Jason and other route slaves could chime in on this for me. Being I'm pretty sure the current way of building routes is in an alpha stage of some sort. If it's easier than the MSTS route editor, I could be building Fostoria, Ohio and/or Niagara later this summer.

The other key ingredient is the server module. It relates to what I want to invest in time and money pertaining to a mega server with functional 24/7 AI with multiple worlds and multiple routes. In fact the connection with the current Mojave and upcoming Needles, and Cajon route will be a key factor. These routes overlap each other at Barstow. My server software would not only allow the exchange to take place, but also clone a replica AI version of a train or consist under multiple routes.

For example a train coming into Barstow on the Mojave route would arrive seeing not only an actively full yard but an environment that duplexes itself. In other words if someone is running Barstow Yard, and another train was coming down Needles towards the west end. The actual Mojave server would be duplicating this action. Likewise the Needles and Cajon servers would AI in the arriving train from Mojave.

One thing that may have to be addressed is world units, and what kind of power is needed. At the moment running a server also has the 3d and simulation features build in. Not sure where the server module fits in and if it can handle more world units. I'm hoping it can because if the demand is there I intend on running minimum 3 or as many as a dozen or more servers on an integrated network. Of course the service would require a small monthly fee. After all it would be a business venture on my end. With the service you would get 24/7 AI and or player services in seamless transitions. If the demand isn't there for that then I guess I'll just have to build some pretty awesome routes. Of course the development software has to be worth the time for the money investment.

What I'm doing right now in RTS is simply always been a test module of what can be done. I've been holding of any further programming as of late just waiting to see what kind of bump run8 gets very shortly. My server still gets a small loyal following, but quite frankly I've found many faces not only disappeared from RTS but entirely from MP. Despite what I've heard elsewhere, the one issue RTS members didn't like where lower than actual traffic numbers. In fact most people like to rumor what RTS is, or use it as a reference to something they tried last year. Bottom line traffic is what draws numbers no matter how good of a system you have.