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Thread: New Run8 Update - also new dispatcher App

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    Default New Run8 Update - also new dispatcher App

    a new update is available 05.24.2013-

    you'll also need a new version 3a of the external dispatcher if you use it - available at

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    I wont be able to download this update till after sunday, what all does this version update in run 8?
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    I tried copying and pasting here, but in a nutshell it adds some scenery (including roads). There is a new callback functionality which looks and sounds really cool.

    You tone the appropriate dispatcher *54 *13, or *911 (emergency) and it finds the closest tower. This is currently working in the latest external dispatcher.

    Haven't had a chance to run the route but I think I'll give the 24/7 server a run later tonight. I tried the tones briefly and they are pretty cool. Would really love to see a range effect on TS. Perhaps this brings it one step closer, but it requires some kind of license over on TS for it to work with their technology last I looked.



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    Release 05.24.2013
    • Host can now specify a different network port if desired. Port 15196 is the default. Clients can now also set the port before joining a server if needed. Port 15200 is not allowed as it is reserved for other uses.
    • Minor scenery enhancements at the Bakersfield Amtrak Station as well as the addition of some roads around Warren.
    • CarSpewers have been temporarily removed whilst the programmer reprograms the system mo-betterly.
    • For those with ED, DispatcherComs.dll has changed and you will need to use the latest version of MrBalls' External Dispatcher.
    • You now have to be on the proper channel (or Radio Channel 0) and within range of a Comm Tower in order to tone the Dispatcher. A “Tower Acknowledge” tone will play a few seconds after entering your DTMF code if successful. If the Comm Tower has an emergency tone, such as “*911”, that tone will play instead. If using an External Dispatcher program, the program will be notified of either tone accordingly.
    • If using Radio Channel 0 (Zero), the nearest Comm Tower with a matching DTMF code will acknowledge if within range. This is for the sake of simplicity for people running sessions with everyone on channel zero so you don't have to change channels to tone the DS. For sessions using discreet radio channels for each DS (or separate Road, Yard, and DS channels), operate according to the preceding instructions.
    • If someone tones the Dispatcher on the radio, anyone else on the proper radio channel will also hear the repeater tone.
    • On the Mojave Sub, The UP CommTowers are on channel 54 and the BNSF CommTowers are on channel 13. Either one will also respond to channel zero as stated above.
    • Removed minor “feature” that caused the Route List box in the Main Menu to show multiple copies of each route if the “Run Simulator” button was pressed without a train selected.
    • In the TrainMakerUpper window, you can now doubleclick a unit in the lefthand window to add it to the new train.
    • In the TrainMakerUpper window, if you wish to insert a new car into the middle of the train, first hilite a unit in the righthand window, then add the desired unit from the lefthand window. The new unit will insert ahead of the existing hilited unit.
    • When randomly-loading a train, some cars will now be empties.
    • The button to delete your train has been moved to the “Rail Unit Options” popup window. In case you were a knucklehead and deleted your train by accident, it automatically saves under “AwCrap_RecoverMyTrain”, so you can respawn the train back into the world.
    • If running the sim in single-player (not on a network), each 30 seconds the entire scenario will automatically save under “AwCrap_RecoverMySession”.

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