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    Default How to contact dispatch...

    so I can throw a switch if need to use siding .

    1. After reading very little info. that is available on operating switches
    in solo session I was not able to get switch unlock. Get msg. " dispatch,
    locked switch." No info. on how to contact dispatch. I did follow instructions from RUN8 site
    on how to unlock, but fail.

    2. I would like to join MP session,but found little info. on how to.
    I have read detail manual (40 pgs),but still in the dark on above problems.

    Hopefully forum member can shead a light on above issues.

    Thank You.


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    Jack in Solo or even MP you would right click and hold till the switch turns colour then a CTC switch is able to be manually thrown.
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    Jack did you get it to happen.wwhen you click on a ctc switch out on the route it tells you its locked.go to f3 and right clck and hold for 5 seconds then it will turn blue i think a nd you can teleport to the switch and click it it should change.

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    Jack, there is no AI in Run 8. If you are in single player then YOU are the dispatcher. You don't need to unlock the switch. Just hit "F3" and left click on the correct switch to change it.

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    Thank you .
    I finally understood how-to move switch.
    As I posted b4 last time I was not able to get back in head
    loco. unit, after I enable EOT on last car. I pressed "cntr+F11",
    but no response from the sim. I updated Run 8 sim to latest update,but for some reason
    "cntr+F11" did not work last time.


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