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    Greetings all,
    Probly already been addressed at some point, but I am looking to see if there is a way to place trainsets in the Run 8 world. Basically I do not have my PC hooked up to the internet. So when I drive my trains I like to see the other already placed default trains out there. So since Run 8 does not quite have AI yet I would love to place my Amtracs into the other "scenarios" that already have trains everywhere.

    Thanx much


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    You can use the TMU which is the Ctrl and F1 keys.From there you can create consists and as you do place them on sidings or in yards as you like.Look around at the DAMS forum you will probably find more specific info to help you.The TMU is in an ealry stage but improving with each program update and it does have it's qerks but with some patience you will get it.Place yourself eye level ( using the Shift + F12 key ) with the rail and face the direction you want the headend to be and your train will spawn behind you.
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    Another thing that you can do is run default trains and switch them out.

    Unlike some sims you have the ability to not just save to continue a session, but actually save your entire world as it changes. Any time I run a session I resave the world as it has changed. I even let others take the world when the server is down to do work in single player. My worlds have yards that are full of life (except Barstow which I use for staging). Industries that are active are used etc. and the scenes change all the time time with every session. You can start with the default worlds included, or download one (I have one recently made available on my network for example).

    The TMU has made it much easier for me to personally introduce trains bound for Bakersfield (where I break them down into locals). Through traffic for now I leave to default or the imagination of my end users. But for me though faster I'm not a fan of spawning up anything in the middle of nowhere.

    One final thing you may want to take advantage of is CHEATING. One of the cool things I find with Run8 is it lets you go as fast as a train will through as many red lights as you want. In the early days I used to get a train from one end to the other by sticking it in N8 (hogger mode set to off) so I could rapidly move a train from one end to the other. I'd go do dishes or something then take it back down to realistic levels before I park it somewhere.

    Plenty of options to choose from.



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