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Thread: asynchronous use of DPU

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    Default asynchronous use of DPU


    Can someone please explain common scenarios in which it is appropriate to put up the fence and
    operate the DPUs independently of the the head end units? I know how to set up & run DPUs in Run 8.
    The problem is when to operate them in asynchronous mode. Clearly, it depends on the type of
    train and the terrain. For instance, I am aware that splitting the control can be helpful when starting
    the train from a stop on a steep grade. But what are some other situations where this mode of
    operation is useful on the BNSF/UP Mojave?


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    You can also use them when cresting a grade. Having your rear units in Throttle and your font units in Dynamic Braking to keep the train under control and to prevent breaking it in half.

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