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Thread: RTS - June 12th Session

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    Default RTS - June 12th Session

    RTS Run8 MP Session
    Wednesday, June 12, 2013
    19:00 EDT (23:00 UT) to 03:00 EDT (07:00 UT) (no password)

    System clock to be set June 12, 2013, 17:00 contains links to the following information.
    A schematic of current available trains is on the home page (check here for updates during session)
    Please do not ask for status or permission as this information is on the website.
    Updated train stats and bidding (for start of session only) is on the network page.
    Updated bulletin, switch lists, and wheelers on the reports page

    Feel free to bid or take on any available train indicated or spawn your own train under 8000 feet.
    Please spawn in Bakersfield, Fleta, or Barstow only. Other locations are not permitted.
    Avoid spawn of trains with BK or BAK (these trains are already covered by system).
    When spawning on mainlines make sure nobody is coming towards you (permission is not required).
    When spawning in yards make sure YM is aware (if on duty), otherwise open tracks permitted.
    Open switching available on BNSF east of BNSF Jct industries to and including Barstow Yard.
    System switching in place from Bakersfield to Mojave yards and industries.
    Upcoming trains in session are also shown in yellow with SIM for SIM CLOCK for it's arrival.

    RTS no longer has a TS server. By all means feel free to use other TS servers to communicate.
    Those with issues typing can use short forms, abbreviations, etc.
    For example rtd for ready to depart, rgr for roger, am s of JG approach medium south of Jim Grey.

    Please tone the dispatcher by using the cab radio DTMF button *13 for BNSF, *54 for UP, *911 emergency.
    This should be the only way to contact me, as following instructions you should be in an engine.
    Calling out signals is for the benefit of other crews.
    I'm not always at the computer the entire time, don't assume I see every text message either.

    If there is anything you don't understand again please ask ahead of time if possible. Any questions is best asked before the session via email or forums. I'm also open to suggestions and opinions when the server is down. Remember, I do not monitor email during a session. However if something is unclear as a last resort you can always ask via text in session. I'm often multi-tasking during a session so I appreciate you adhering to these simple requests regarding communication.

    Next available session Sunday, June 16th



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    note running 6/11 update

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