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    Warning - Long Post

    Saturday. Rhodyís servers were down for up-grading. All the racing, flying and railroading servers were being upgraded with the best video cards, quad cores and very large hard drives. This promises to give us the best possible railroading environment for our Run8 simulations.

    He said it would be ready by 3:00pm but I canít wait and I try to get on I.P. and port 15196 for the Needles Subdivision (Mojave Sub is at the same I.P. and port 15199 Announce your presents on Team Speak or type in your name using the ďTabĒ key in Run8).

    It works! Iím in! The subdivision is clear except one train running east just before Needles. Chris beat me getting on and spawned his train. He says everything is working GREAT.

    I decided to spawn UP MFRLV. It appears easily at the Main 1 track in East Barstow. I take command, engines start, walk (actually fly) to the end and position the E.O.T device. Back to the cab, switches moved to their proper position. Direction, forward, throttle eased forward to notch one. Display shows that this train is 5500 feet long, Hp/ton is an easy 3.3 and the total axles are 382. Parking brake off and we start moving forward slowly. With the coupler stress shown (shift-Z) the throttle is slowly moved to the next notch.

    We are in anarchy, I announce my intentions. I move to my second monitor, right click on my train label, it turns white, I click on one of the forward blocks of my intended path, white arrows appear, I left click on the train label to accept the path. With Chris on the other end of the subdivision there is nothing to worry about. I sit back to enjoy the scenery. Everything is running well.

    Needles is new. Iíve been having a lot of fun exploring. Iíve been looking for all the little spur tracks and I try to shoehorn a train in that just fits with little extra room in one smooth shot. Sometimes Iím successful, sometimes not!
    As I left West Barstow, crossed in front of the Amtrak station and entered East Barstow I noticed an orange dot still on Main 1 in East Barstow. Hmmm. The back end on my train must still be in that block, no problem.

    Continuing on, the orange dot is still there.

    My engine is sliding by Daggett. Orange dot is still there.

    Coming up on Minneola. The dot moved to the next block! A quick call to Chris confirmed that he saw the move but itís not him! No one else has announced on Team Speak and no one has entered Run8!

    The dot moved again!

    Chris teleported close to the dots position. He looked around and couldnít find anything ?!?!

    The dot moved again!!

    Chris went back to his train. The dot moved again!!!

    Iím on Main 2 heading east at West Pisgah. The dot moves again on Main 1! Thatís enough! I stopped my train on the main line and teleported close to the dot.

    I flew up and down two blocks east and west of the dot on both main 1 and main 2. I saw nothing. The dot moved again!

    Itís taunting me! It knows Iím looking for it.

    I realized I wasnít looking in the right place. I moved one block east near mile 721 and flew up and down again. I saw something on the horizon. As I got closer I found three well cars connected together with stacked loads. A little further east I saw a single well car with a stacked load.

    How did they get here? No engines in either direction for miles.

    Later, looking at an elevation map of the Needles Sub I noticed that from West Barstow to mile 721 it is downhill all the way. Is it possible that those cars ran by themselves downhill to this spot and as they moved from block to block the dot on the external dispatcher moved? Or were they left behind by a ghost train?

    I have no idea where they came from. I vote for the ghost train.

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    Chris probably split a switch and that was his cars perhaps



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