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Thread: ZDsim Support not responding?

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    Exclamation ZDsim Support not responding?


    On June 11th, I've bought my copy of ZD Simulator. But after following registration steps, I haven't received my activation number (of course I checked my spam folder as advised, etc. etc.)

    Therefore, I've decided to contact [email protected] to help me. After waiting advertised 48+ hours without any reply, I created another e-mail at different provider, just to make sure that mails from support aren't somehow accidentally filtered out, and mailed support from this new address.

    Guess what. After several days of waiting, no reply again. Can someone please tell me what's going on? I'd like to get what I paid for!

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's unusual -- I've always had very quick response from support, as have others on the forum here. Good for checking your spam folders, etc., but also be aware that their own spam filters may have caught your messages incorrectly. Also, routing on the Internet has been disrupted in various ways off-and-on of late with waves of distributed denial-of-service attacks. Your traffic's country of origin and the domains your email address is from can also be target by some filters, not at the recipient's end, but by Internet service providers in between.

    Stand by and monitor the forum, I'm sure you'll get a response in a little while.


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    EricF: Thanks, I hope so. It's weird, because my e-mails were sent from different accounts with different providers at different time. Hopefully it all gets sorted out soon.

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    Lesson I learned: When contacting folks in another country, check their holiday schedule...


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    Somehow I doubt that every day since 11th till now was a holiday in Ukraine...

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    Hello AngryLizard,

    Apparently we did not receive a single email from you. We've responded to numerous amount of customer queries since June 11th and haven't missed one. Something must have gone wrong with our email providers.

    Nevertheless, we apologize for this inconvenience. It's unacceptable to not receive a reply for this long. We understand your situation and will do our best to help you.

    Please PM me your email address and our support will contact you shortly.

    P.S. EricF might be right, some emails from Iran couldn't reach us. Neither could we reach them. But it's not like that for all people from Iran.

    P.S.2. There weren't any major holidays in Ukraine during this period.
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    Great! Everything is fixed now by support staff.
    Thank you Kernell and ZD Simulator Support!

    And by the way, excellent sim!

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    ZDsim support IS responding indeed, and it is fast. I got help via email, the first answer came in minutes, and after 4 or 5 mails my problem was solved.

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