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Thread: Run 8 crashes after installation

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    Default Run 8 crashes after installation

    I installed Run 8 ver. 11.17.2012 on a Win8 system from the purchased download. After I select the route and Run Simulator, the program tries to load before I get a "Run-8 has stopped working" error message. I can't even get far enough to register. I'd like to uninstall and install the program again, but it doesn't show up in my Windows programs. Suggestions, please?

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    My problem is solved. Discovered I had to run the program as Administrator.

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    I had to do that too before I deleted it and reinstalled on the C drive instead of C:\ProgramFiles(x86). Just reinstall to that directory and it works like its supposed too from the desktop. C:\Run8Studios\Run8TrainSimulator
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    Can you simply move the files from the Program Files folder to the C: or must you do a reinstall?

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    You can play Run8 from multiple different install locations, so I guess that a "move" operation will work. Just in case, instead of move, you first can try to copy the whole directory into the new location and then launch the game from there executing the file "Run-8 Train Simulator.exe" (don't use the current icon on desktop, because it is still refering to the place you had installed it before). If it works then you can just delete the previous installation on "C:\Program Files (x86)" and the existing shortcut on Desktop, and finally send a new shortcut from the new folder to the Desktop.
    For any game it's always a better idead keep them out of the "C:\Program Files (x86)" system folder. It avoids a lot of headaches further when installating upgrades or new assets.
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