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    Guys! Hi!
    I have a question, whats the difference between a locomotive And the same locomotive with the letters AI?!

    Ferromex SD70ACe 4009 And Ferromex SD70ACe 4009 AI?!

    Thanks Guys!!!


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    AI is Artificial Intelligent meaning it is operated by computer control. AI locos are used in activities.
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    Used in activities for the other traffic besides the consist you are operating. AI locos cannot be driven by you, if that helps any.

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    Another instance that's getting popular is 'Reversed Engines'. IE; 'VIA F40 Reversed'. These are somewhat 'dummy AI's' that either don't have power and/or have red marker lights on them and/or audible SMS files that can be heard in Passenger and Cab views. These are good for Player trains in a 'push mode', or multiple unit leads, as well as AI consists.

    You can use the great utility Route Riter to make any drivable engine you have into a 'AI'. Denoted with a # sign after the conversion. So as example in RR you'd select your SD70ACe 4009.eng file; select 'Make AI Engine'; and after you'll see a 'SD70ACe 4009#.eng' appear in your engine folder. I usually rename it and all references in it to be SD70ACe 4009AI.eng so it's easier to find and note. Basically what this process does is reduce a lot of player components in the ENG file and makes it a computer controlled 'shell' with lights and sound. I also use or create a 'AIeng.SMS' that I point the AI.ENG to use. Again, the AI.sms will be greatly reduced to use just motor sounds, brake squeals and hisses, and can be assigned to be heard in cab, passenger, and external views. This is what makes it sound like a realistic roar as you pass by it in your player train.

    There's numerous ways to utilize AI's in a activity. Some may follow the whole route from the opposite end, and be calculated to meet the Player in the middle of the route. Some may start and end around the middle of the route and set to start minutes before the Player is to be in that area. Some can be placed as a 'Loose Consist' and just sit idling in the yard or station. Controversy in how MSTS actually drives an AI train, in that it can be too perfect or rushed many times. So often if it takes roughly a Player a half hour from one end to get to the middle of the route, the AI Start Time may have to be fudged to depart 10min after the Player rolls out to meet nicely in the middle.

    All in all, if a AI consist is used and calculated just so, it will drive and handle like a Player train. Stopping at stations and obeying signals to let the Player through, or hold you back till it clears. Definitely adds to the fun and strategy of MSTS train driving and realism.

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