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Thread: VirtuRail Combined Route Session - Friday, July 12

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    Default VirtuRail Combined Route Session - Friday, July 12


    PLEASE NOTE: This session will be on FRIDAY at 5PM EST.
    Start Time: 1700 EST
    IP Address:
    No Password

    Teamspeak IP:
    No Password

    Teamspeak Used? Yes
    Teamspeak Required? Preferred
    Are Texters Ok? Yes

    Join us for VirtuRail's first combined-route multiplayer session featuring the BNSF Mojave AND Needles subdivisions!
    Head over to our completely revamped CALL BOARD page for train info and to mark up for the session.
    Also check out our new NEW VirtuTracker feature by clicking HERE!
    The Teamspeak and Run 8 user cap issues have been resolved, so no more worries about not being able to join either server!

    We look forward to running with you on Friday!
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    Maximillian Curry
    VirtuRail Simulations
    Heartland Division
    Simulations Leader/Asst. Webmaster

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