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    a week ago I bought the German Version of ZDSimulator.
    In general, I'm really happy, I like the "professional touch" of this simulation. So: thanks to the developers!

    But naturally I have some questions…
    1. Is it only a matter of Translation that I can't read all texts in the simulation? I'm interested in those because they seem to be important:

    2. I think, there is a thread about it, but I have a few "wrong" timetables:

    3. Is it correct that Ed9m has no wheels at the end?

    4. And the last question: Some locos have an "Electro-pneumatic brake Switch". What does this system do? I can shut in on or off, but what for..?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Hi sncfmthro,

    We have been contacted by our German partners and we are aware of these issues. They are being worked on at the moment.

    1. That is a dialogue line between the conductor and the driver. There is no relevant information, it doesn't have impact on the gameplay. It's a translation bug we're currently fixing.

    2. Yes indeed there are a few timetables that have been overlooked and left untranslated. We'll correct it in the next version and make sure that it's corrected in the German version of ZDSimulator as well.

    3. No it's incorrect. That is a graphical bug we haven't encountered yet. Could you specify what options are you running the program with and what is your system config?

    4. It is a type of brakes used in electric locomotives. We were very specific when naming it and now it confuses some people. The switch itself allows or disallows the use of the brakes. Electro-pneumatic brakes are controlled by the electric current, and to apply brakes the energy of compressed air is used. You can read more about the origins of this system here. It is fail-safe system originally created by an American engineer George Westinghouse some 150 years ago.

    Thank you for pointing these issues out.
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    thanks for all the answers: It was really interesting and I'm happy with it, especially about the part which explains the braking system.
    Regarding the German publishers: I wrote an Email to them, too. (When they make pressure, I'm sorry.)

    I tested the ED9M again: The first time I saw it on the Kiev-Track, but the wheels are in general not shown no matter which scenery I start. I tried all graphical options (enabled and disabled them) - no change.

    My first idea was, that the images of the wheels are missing, in the first car the wheels are there and they are moving, but the rest of the train is without wheels.
    Maybe it's my machine: Windows 8 x64, AMD Phenom, Geforce GT430 with current driver 320.18, but with the rest of the locos I haven't any problems.
    To be honest: For me missing wheels are not a problem, I don't care.

    Thanks & greetings


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    Are the updates from the homepage compatible to the boxed version? I can see that Ascaron did publish an own update on their homepage (and already states in the manual to install it).

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    Hi Toldrabald,

    No, those updates are incompatible (has to do with the language and old version files mostly). If you purchsed Astragon's Zug Simulator we highly recommend you to use content they publish.
    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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