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    Default Problems with CHS4t

    I dont know whats the problem is - its a bug or i am doing something wrong, but when i push start simulator and the game is running it says - turn the main switch on.... i am pushing the shift+p keys and it klicks two times but nothing happens .. the main switch move two positions and after releasing the shift+p keys, its moving back one position.

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    Press Shift+P twice, and notice the indicator to the right of the switch that is moving. It should start as a horizontal bar, then pivot to a vertical bar indication after the second press of Shift+P. (First press switches main power to "On", second press energizes the actuator on a momentary contact, then the switch springs back to "On" position. The indicator to the right should go vertical when the power circuit is energized.)

    At this point, not much else is happening. Note the prompt in the lower right corner of the screen for the next step -- press Shift+O (letter "O") to raise the pantograph. When the pantograph goes up, you may see an arc flash (it's random, like real life), and your instruments should come to life. Continue to follow the prompts in the lower right corner to complete the start-up sequence.


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    That is the problem - after second pressing of Shift+P nothing happens.... just nothing. This occure in some cases when the autobraking system fails.... after restarting the game... a fresh start of the game the main switch cant be turn on .... I preinstall the game and all is good for now. But again in some cases when the autobraiking system fails this happens again .... (sorry for my english)

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