RTS Run8 MP Session Needles Sub
Wednesday, July 10, 2013
19:30 EDT (23:30 UT) to 03:30 EDT (07:30 UT) (no password)

System clock to be set July 10, 2013, 16:30

http://railroadtransportationsimulator.webs.com contains links to the following information. Trains ready to depart followed by incoming trains is listed on the top of the home page. Trains are awarded before the session by bid, or during the session on a first come first serve basis. It is updated through out the session dynamically and any details for crew changes on what track as well as any bids before or requests after the session starts will be updated here. Think of it like an arrival board you would see at a train station or an airport. All initial bids close 15 minutes prior to session.

https://groups.google.com/d/msg/run8...k/IgMpefIVrIgJ is a list of rules for both Mojave and Needles sessions Updated June 16, 2013. If you haven't read this after this date you are required to check it out. The information is here and I ask that you refer to it before asking questions covered in it.

The former AI Spawn system now known as Ghost Spawn was debugged the other night so I will certainly be adding additional EB spawns prior to the session. I believe WB shouldn't take much additional coding and I'm expecting it to be in place as well (no guarantees on that one). To the overwhelming task of building 200 unique trains some copies have been created for similar trains for the time being. The website is currently undergoing a change pertaining to these ghost spawns. If there is a train your looking to crew mid session check the master train list for the items marked green. Currently it's under construction however I plan on having it set up to display the MP based on the time of the last update. The system takes into account delays, and any time for crew changes and inspection into this calculation. The crew changes and any inspection calls are also listed here as well.

You have minimum 15 minutes to crew any available train at the start of the session before it will depart as a ghost spawn. The way the system works is as the session progresses, trains are called by the system clock time listed. If no player is able to take the train, then an analysis is done on nearby player traffic. If it concludes no player traffic is in the area the train is temporarily removed and travels the line as a ghost. Once a player service comes within range of the ghost, A spawn will produce it nearby and be run by the dispatcher. Other ghosts travel the system as well and dispatching is set up with both ghost and player movements taken into consideration. Because I can't be in two places at once there is no guarantee that I can spawn all the ghosts however you should expect for the most part traffic typical for this region.

Sessions are dispatched by text, however I encourage you to use a public teamspeak server if you wish to stay in contact with your friends. Signal calls are not required thus very little communication is required on my end. Because I'm dispatching, and running these systems on a server I ask that you tone the dispatcher when ever possible. Recent experience in dispatching a busy server with teamspeak showed how difficult it is to monitor text with lots going on. This is why I ask that you follow the rules and communicate in text for dispatch requests. Your participation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

If there is anything you don't understand again please ask ahead of time if possible. Any questions is best asked before the session via email or forums. I'm also open to suggestions and opinions when the server is down. Remember, I do not monitor email during a session. However if something is unclear as a last resort you can always ask via text in session. I'm often multi-tasking during a session so I appreciate you adhering to these simple requests regarding communication.

Next available Needles session Wednesday, July 17th
Next available Needles session Sunday, July 14th