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Thread: Run8 Trains Calculator spread sheet, new Version 3.0

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    Default Run8 Trains Calculator spread sheet, new Version 3.0

    Is now available on File Library the new version 3.0 of Run8 Trains Calculator (JUL-09-2013).
    The purpose of this spread sheet is to help Dispatcher, Trainmaster and Train Crew to make up and run trains prototypically.
    It calculates length, weight, TOB, HP/ton, max allowed 70 MPH for BNSF & UP trains (as per SSI, TT and ABTH rules) either for Mojave and Needles Subdivisions, and much more like some handy GCOR rules, new tabs and new visual features.
    It was corrected a misinformation about Allowed Maximum Speed versus Permanent Restricted Speed. Check the tab "Notes" for more details.

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    thanks doc

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    Doc - you truly are an inspiration to our hobby. Fabulous work, as always. I can always count on you to know the right answers!

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    Great work DOC, I use it for every train.

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