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Thread: New paint Schemes Forever???

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    Exclamation New paint Schemes Forever???

    I thought that the "Run8 default Amtrak01 UPDATE" would come in a brand new consist. So I thought "Oh, this would be nice to have. Another Commercialized consist would be fun to have." Then when I downloaded the installer, I saw that the download REPLACED my Phase III, IV, and V, trainsets! From my engines-Baggage cars-TRSN sleepers-SLPS-dining cars-LNG cars-Coach cars, EVERYTHING. Even the cab looks like it's been vandalized by a group of gangsters. My Amtrak01 trainsets don't feel realistic anymore. I want to be a train driver for Amtrak someday. I'm only thirteen and I'm a true hardcore train foamer. (railfan) I bought these Amtrak01 sets because I thought that they would be fun, cool, and good for an early start practice. So far I need a way to get my Original paint schemes back. Run8 has been doing a fantastic job on their work. If any of you could help me, I would highly appreciate it. Thank you and keep up the good work Run8.

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    If you have the original install from your payware I believe just a re-install will do the trick. Yeah the default is just there for those to see a passenger train in MP in Run8 colors.



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    Not a disaster...

    If you purchased the Amtrak then installed the update, you ended up replacing the purchased version with the default (not-purchased) version.

    Reinstalling the purchased version should fix your problem. I hope you saved the original download!

    At least I think that's what happened. The "default" version(s) are for those who haven't purchased the equipment but need it to run mulit-user.


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    As mentioned above if you have purchased the original Amtrack then just rerun the installer,plus reading instructions helps also.Remember always SAVE before doing anything and thats with anything you do on a computer.
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