So I did abandon the Ghost Spawn as I mentioned previously. Though I also mentioned at the time the things I learned in it will help me with other projects and this is one of them. Random Consist Builder though it does have random elements is not 100% random (as I'll explain).

This is actually a reconstruct of the waybill database that I'm copying over from the beta version of RTS(though I have done no copying as of yet). The concept here is simply having waybills that represent typical cars you would see in a train. So for every car in the default consists I've created a waybill in the system.

Those familiar with RTS beta will recall that I was using Open Office as the means to generate the waybills and apply them to the RTS system. This is now integrated into the program and random waybills are now being called in a test phase. What I've also been able to do is add in the typical trains as waybills in the order they appear in the train.

Once the waybill calls are complete, the system refers to the train file record that deals with that particular shipper and consignee. Because it is in the same order this produced a familiar train though the train can be different in number of cars or in some cases blocking. It will also choose different kinds of cars of the same type to mix things up.

The most important feature though is about to be implemented hopefully as early as tomorrow and that is the power selection. Each train file has a minimum HPT component. I already have the system calculating proper tonnage, HPT etc. for both empties and loads. But the most recent calculation I added last night is how many units I will need to meet the minimum criteria.

Now it's simply going into the configurations. Thus far my test data ranges anywhere between 2 to 6 units however I will program for at least 9 especially for some of the 10000 foot trains to come. The engines will be placed in a 2, 3, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-2-2, 3-3-2, 3-3-3 configurations. This is based on my understanding of proper distribution methods for DPU's. The power 90% of the time will pick the home road, but the other 2% will equally be divided for the odd NS and CSX power. I'll keep 8% out for UP power to tag along I guess. Inside the 90% will be different schemes of BNSF.

My current test load is for 16 trains (more than the demand of the server) to be created on a daily basis by midnight PST. Eventually all 250 symbols once researched or guessed on if unknown will be added into the system. The reason I chose these particular 16 first is because they all originate or terminate in Barstow. This is because once I'm satisfied that these 16 are working, my plan for next week is to start on the virtual hump yard which these trains will be a huge part of.