Running an experiment through at least this weekend, and possibly longer.

Both Needles and Mojave is up right now at and there is no password.

Mojave is standard port 15196
Needles is port 15197

There is no TS server provided. There is also no current operations in place (as I'm taking the summer to program this stuff in).
This is in anarchy like the old 24/7, but is currently an experiment.

There are no rules or operation CURRENTLY in place. All I ask is you be nice to each other. Try to use sidings for crew changes, or in the case of Needles there are sections of track between East and West control points. Placing a train on the track that allows trains from double track to get around you if appreciated.

My goal is to attempt to run both servers in the background in anarchy. Server status is located on my website. Check here if you have difficulty logging in or experience issues. 1 or both servers may be unavailable while others host so I may participate.

The ghost spawn project worked well, but for a route like Needles and the amount of traffic it's too labor intensive to my liking. Considering the player numbers currently sit at about half a dozen per session I figure it's no different than running anarchy. I'm not announcing this as 24/7 again just yet because I want to see how the servers run.

I'm going to add a comments section into the website homepage this afternoon. Any feedback is appreciated on how the server is running performance wise, etc. My goal still stands to get the car forwarding aspects back in. However, since it's going to take some time I figure I may as well open it up to the public provided my computer is capable of doing so.