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Thread: Run 8 is great and works!

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    Default Run 8 is great and works!

    My thread below said that Run 8 didn't work. It does work; it is great! The cause of the problem was my keyboard--only 19 mos. old and the right Ctrl key was keeping me out of the cab; the left one works.


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    In the default configuration, the right control key is NOT the proper key to use for ctrl+ key commands...only the left ctrl will work. I much prefer the right control key, as that allows ctrl+F11, ctrl+F12, and ctrl+backspace to be done with ONE hand instead of TWO. If you prefer to use the right control key as I do, you can change it with LEFT Shift+F6. which gives you the option of changing any of the default key assignments. Be sure to save your changes if you do. The only problem there is that the developers are so fond of upgrades to improve the sim or take care of the occasional minor issues that each upgrade wipes out my key assignment changes, so I have to take a few minutes to do them over again. But compared to other sims, where you wait and wait and sometimes never get needed patches, the frequency of Run8 upgrades is just one more reason to recommend it.

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    What flarrfan2 said. It's not your keyboard. Run8 is programmed to use only the left side ctrl, shift and alt keys, not both. Exception would be for resetting the alerter in the cab, that would be the right alt key.

    I'm glad you are finding it working and enjoyable.
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    Hello Kent, Others,
    If you don't wish to reset-up your preferred keys each time an update comes along
    setup your keys as you wish via Left-Shift+F6 save then make a copy of Run8KeySettings.xml
    save a copy to some place (desktop) after installing an update read the change log
    to see if any keys have been mapped/remapped if no changes found just copy the Run8KeySettings.xml
    from (desktop) & place in the (content) folder letting overwrite prior to using Run8.
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