Today I took some time to actually shoot some screen shots. Enjoy!

Extra 8135 East passes the statue of Evangeline and the church at Grand-Pré National Historic Site.
8135E at Grand Pre.jpg

S3 6560 tends to the duties left on the Kingsport Spur. It is all that remains of the "Cornwallis Valley Railway" when two adjoining subdivisions were abandoned in 1961. The weeds mark the unceremonious end of the line.
Kingsport end of the line.jpg

Train 22, the last scheduled mixed train has arrived from Truro, NS and is holding the Truro Subdivision mainline while Train 1 arrives from Halifax at the decidedly utilitarian Windsor station on the Halifax Subdivision.
Train 22 at Windsor.jpg

Train 24 hasn't completed their switching in Wolfville and they haven't time to get the rest of it done before Train 1 arrives, so they wait in the spur and maybe chat with some passengers waiting for Train 1.
Train 24 at Wolfville_01.jpg

Train 1 and Train 24 at the 1911-vintage Wolfville station.
Train 24 at Wolfville with Train 1.jpg