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    Crew Change Points?
    I have run Q and X trains. In the past, these trains often changed crews on the mainline. Running from Barstow to Bakersfield today, I went into the BNSF Bakersfield, past the Amtrak station, but stopped at the signal bridge. Where is the crew change point for through trains, e.g., to Stockton? (Stopped at the UP Depot the other day. The three crewmen standing there didn't act like they wanted a BNSF train.)

    Is there someplace to get some ES44s with Warbonnet paint? I don't know if any such units actually exist, but that is a snazzy paint job for high priority trains.

    Is "Train Maker Upper" the same as "Consist Loader"? (Could have overlooked something in my reading.)
    I want a train of 70 cars, all loads, averaging 70 tons per operable brake, and 3.2 or more horsepower per ton, without a DPU. Heavy trains are fun too, but they take too long to cover the miles. Had consist loader working a little about a week ago, but I could not tell what it was doing, and could not get some commands given in another thread in this forum to work to open it again.

    Z-CHISTO meets these specifications, but has to be loaded two or three times to get the tonnage where I want it and, sometimes, to have no empty cars.

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    I generally run my westbound through trains down to the end of the yard, to the point where the rear end is past the crossover signals on the mains. And Z trains on the prototype sometimes run between Bakersfield and Needles without a crew change, based a what's called the long pool for crew.

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    Warbonnet? There are no warbonnets in Run 8 yet, hopefully they will be added at a later date.

    The "Train Maker Upper" lets you build train in single player and save them to be spawned in a session. I've never heard of a consist loader.

    An easy way to load a train the way that you want is to stand on the ground, start the train moving 5-10 mph and click on each car as it rolls by and either unload the card or random load it until you get what you want. Then spot the train where you want it and then save it. One suggestion when saving a train, put the location in the saved name such as "BNSF Z-CHISTO BAR Insp 1 WB", so that you'll know exactly that it is.

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    From Needles or San Berdo and BNSF Bakersfield they have short pools and long pools.
    Short pools:BNSF Bakersfield to Barstow and Barstow to Needles.
    Long pools: BNSF Bakersfield to Needles but usually Z trains or Q trains on these.

    UP Bakersfield to West Colton ( Fleta )

    Bakersfield crew changes:

    BNSF Bakersfield crew change is at the yard office west of the AMTK station for the San Joaquin trains to Sacramento and Oakland.

    UP trains in Bakersfield change at the station.


    In real life BNSF uses mains 1,2 and 4 for crew changes unless a train comes into the yard.

    Hopefully this helps some for you.
    Work Safe play hard

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    Hello Ralph & William
    To "Fully Load" "Randomly Load" or "Unload" a complete train full of cars once train is spawned to your liking
    (be it "Spawn" tab or "TrainMakerUpper").
    Click the lead unit. In the ensuing popup panel click "Fully Load" "Randomly Load" or "Unload" tab.
    By doing so this will "Fully Load" "Randomly Load" or "Unload" all cars within your chosen train.
    The above procedure will however whiles in MP Mode, require you to re-click the lead unit once again following the use of
    "Fully Load" "Randomly Load" or "Unload" tabs, in order to take control once again prior to movement.
    SP mode you'll be able to enter the lead eng right away without having to re-acquire.
    The procedure above using the "Fully Load" tab will fill each car type to its max tonnage provided by Run8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WWES View Post
    I want a train of 70 cars, all loads, averaging 70 tons per operable brake, and 3.2 or more horsepower per ton, without a DPU.
    Hey William,

    I'm short of time this afternoon, so further I'll give more details about how TMUPT (Train Makker Upper Placer Therer ) works, and if you are good to handle *.xml files how to change loads fast and to the point you exactly want to. I've just built (with TMU) and reloaded (with Notepad++) the two trains below in half an hour.

    Hope these are which you were looking for, so here they go for whoever wanna give it a try:
    Z-CHISTO-8 19B, Westbound at Needles Main 1.
    Download and drop it into the folder:
    ....\Run 8 Studios\Run 8 Train Simulator\Content\Routes\BNSF_NeedlesSub\Trains

    Z-STOCHI-8 20A, Eastbound at Bakersfield Main 2.
    Download and drop it into the folder:
    ....\Run 8 Studios\Run 8 Train Simulator\Content\Routes\BNSF_MojaveSub\Trains

    Commom features of each train:
    1) Has all the 36 double stack cars of Run8 (so it's a kind of showcase consist).
    2) Make-up complies 100% with main ABTH, TT and SSI rules, including rule 47(A); you can check it out with my Trains Calculator spread sheet available here on, File Library, section Run8.
    3) EB Z-9 is good for Ilmon-Summit with the Grade C - Standard Coupler, the one Run8 likely has; WB Z-8 is good for Mojave-Summit with same coupler type.
    4) Is good for maximum speed 70 MPH, and is exempt of SRFC ABTH rule 106.7 (so max 70 MPH as well). Z-9 is also good for 60 MPH eastward between Goffs and Needles.
    5) Has 3.6 HPTon, the max possible for 4 engines in the Head-end consist and no DPU consist, as requested, so: Total 32 RPA (and RDBA) with 70 cars (all loads) and 70 TOB.
    6) The correct TOB of each train is in fact 70 (disregard the 75 TOB shown in MFD because it's wrong! Run8 is currently miscalculating TOB).
    7) Fits in all sidings either of Mojave and Needles Subs.
    8) Each one is very easy to run due to HPTon, TOB, Trailing Tonnage and Head-end limited power, very handy for Run8 newbies even in High Seniority Hogger mode.
    9) Z-8 is set at dawn; Z-9 at dusk (sorry, I'm a kind of bat engineer), anyway you can reset time of day to your like.

    Hope you enjoy,
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    Thank you everyone! I need to try some of these things. I appreciate the info on actual practices.

    Machinist, I sent you a personal message.

    Regards to everyone,

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