It's been hot in New England for the last week. My computer room was 98 F in the middle of the afternoon (no air-conditioning) yesterday. The computer doesn't like that.

I got up at 5:00am this morning and the temp was more to the computers liking. I went on the RXR Guys (server and TeamSpeak: server and found a Norfolk Southern, with engines at both end, sitting at Silt. What a great time to test the new integration of the Mojave and Needles subdivisions. I ran east. As I went through Hinkley I was able to hit the arrow keys and blink back and forth between both external dispatcher boards.

The transition for the scenery and external dispatcher board was smooth as silk! What a FANTASTIC job the Run8 guys have done! Thanks a lot!

If you don't have both divisions, I suggest you save your pennies and spring for it. It will literally expand your railroading horizons.