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    Right now, I am finishing off a prototype of my P865/P2020 light rail car, there is only one main issue I am trying to work out, if anyone has a bit of advice can you please let me know, thank you. Til then, enjoy:

    P865v3.jpgp865.jpgBreda A650.jpg
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    Well, if you want help, you'll need to tell us what the main issue is.

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    I'm trying to create the roof which will connect the main car to the cab section, here:


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    Sorry to open up a new thread but between working and a few other events in my life, the project is been on hold, but I've recently performed further work on the project, I'll have a few shots for you guys in the morning.

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    Ansaldobreda A650 3dsmax.jpgAnsaldobreda A650 SU.jpg

    Hey folks, just spent a little time redoing the subway car, just wanted to clean it up around the cab's roof and side edges. I'm currently trying to make sure that the edges along the front roof and corners along the cab end of the car are perfected, I've tried extruding as well as drawing them in by mouse, would anyone have a suggestion as to how to make the corners curve and blend properly?

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