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Thread: Challenger Whistle download problem

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    Default Challenger Whistle download problem

    Hello all.

    I recently downloaded the Challenger whistle fix for Railworks out of the file library. Instead of just one long blast coming from the whistle when the button is pressed, with a flash of steam, this download is supposed to fix all that, and give the locomotive the proper challenger whistle sound. Well, I downloaded it, read the file, unzipped the folder, copied and pasted everything inside that into the challenger files under audio, and fired up the game. I get on the challenger, press the button, and steam comes out from the whistle as long my hand is pressing the button (so that was fixed), but I get absolutely NO whistle sound. I was wondering if anyone on here knows about this, has this problem too, or has a solution. If it helps any, I have a Dell Inspiron laptop computer where all of this is going on. Any information helps!
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