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Thread: Saving A Session & Continuing - Is There A Way To Keep EOT Device Attached?

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    Post Saving A Session & Continuing - Is There A Way To Keep EOT Device Attached?

    Are there any plans to allow a save, and then returning without attaching the EOT device?

    Also, I wouldn't mind if the option was there to continue the session as you ended, i.e. end moving, and begin moving.

    Getting to the back of the train, especially when it's really long, and stopped on a mountain grade, seems like a waste. In addition, you sometimes end up inside the mountain.

    Yes, I know about the "super-speed" key, but I personally would enjoy the product even more with this convenience.



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    I haven't heard of any plans to change that setup but a lot of folks have been asking for something similar. We can hope and wait. Perhaps 2 levels of relinquish in the Loco menu. One for just leaving the train in it's current state but unmanned and another for relinquishing altogether so someone else can take the train. That's all John's ballpark and I don't know what it would take to program that into the sim but I'm sure he'll think about it.
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