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Thread: How do I switch the horn trigger function?

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    Post How do I switch the horn trigger function?

    After sending P.I engineering a message to send me a spare horn button part, I got a reply but after a few weeks I haven't recieved the part. So I figured, what if just set the horn trigger to another button on my Raildriver unit.

    Since I'm using the raildriver with Run8, the only button(s) I could use are the "Alert" or "P" buttons.

    The only problem is, how do I change the functions? I learned that I need the "Macroworks 3.1" to change the Raildriver functions, but how do I do that?

    My goal is to use either the "Alert" or "P" buttons as the horn.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you have not received your part. Please try contacting our sales department again to let them know: [email protected].

    To program the RailDriver you may use MacroWorks 3.1. Get the full version available on P.I. Engineering:

    Simply open the software, press the button you want to program, and record the keystroke you need it to play back. It looks like you would program spacebar to your RailDriver to control the horn in Run8. If you need a list of the other keyboard shortcuts for Run8, there is one here:

    Make sure MacroWorks 3.1 is running when you use Run8, and it should work.

    As for programming to the "Alert" or "P" button, you may also consider one of the blue buttons. Run8 does not use these buttons, as I understand it, so they are free to be programmed.

    Words of caution to anyone who is interested in using this functionality in ANY simulator:

    Do not use the version of MacroWorks 3.1 available on This is only intended for use with Train Simulator 2013. If you ALSO have Train Simulator 2013, you will have to switch back and forth between separate script files. Contact [email protected] if you are in this situation.

    If the button that you program is already used in your simulator, please use caution. Programming a button will not remove the functionality that is already there. There may be a conflict, but more likely you will see double action (both what you programmed, and what your simulator wants it to do).

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