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    Just received a used raildriver in very good condition. I've set it up and everything seems to work. The question is troubleshooting the reverser, I change games from Marias Pass to NEC and after selecting the right engines and checking "run raildriver" in train store I choose a senario. When I put reverser in forward I get a series of beeps. I properly calibrated everything. How do I troubleshoot this?

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    Beeps will occur if one attempts to move the reverser lever while the train is in motion. Train must be stopped to successfully move the reverser. AA

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    The actual locomotive has a locking feature so you can't move the reverser handle unless the throttle is in "IDLE" Too bad PI Engineering didn't do the same.

    I'm hoping some day the Steam & PI Engineering will fix the inconsistent behaviour of this controller. It's really frustrating. I expect pigs will fly before this happens though.


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